Lilydale Pony Club Duty Roster 2015/2016

Pony Club is run by volunteers and relies on the assistance of all families in order to run smoothly. Families are rostered on at least twice a year to help with both set up in the morning and canteen as well on our rally days.  It is hoped that 2 members of the family can be on duty together but of course allowances are always made to parents of younger riders who need assistance particularly in the morning tacking up. All members are expected to help pack up at the end of the day and as such Grading cards are not handed out until this is done.

In addition we also rely on all families to help at both our events during the year. Our Horse Trials and our Super Cross are our major fundraisers and are essential revenue raisers for the club. We cannot run these events without everybody’s help!

Finally we also expect families to attend working bees during the year and zone duties when needed.

The committee would like to acknowledge and thank all of the hard work from its members this year and in previous years. Our fantastic club is a reflection of your efforts.

A duty roster will be put forward soon for the remainder of the membership year.